I started teaching Math as a private tutor at 7th grade. By the time I was in 9th grade I was teaching 8 students in parallel because I refused to teach more than 4 hours a day after school! I was sent the “worst” students. Uniformly all my students would get 90% - 100% on their tests after they started learning with me.

During my undergraduate studies in Math, I taught in different schools at different levels. I taught 8th graders in the “worse” public school in Tel Aviv (I was born and grew up in Israel), 11th and 12th graders in a private high school for kids who were thrown from the public school system and came to the private school as a last refuge (it was not a “good” private school as the model is in the US). At the time I wrote few booklets on specific topics in order to assist me in teaching, since I was not happy with the textbooks. When I had the students use them in class they responded: “with those, we don’t need you!” Needless to say, I was very happy about it. Students found me later and thanked me for their extremely high grades on their final national exams in math.

I also taught adults who were retaking those national final exams (in Israel you can do so as many times as you like), in order to get into the university. In those courses I would teach them from 1+1=2 (no joke) to calculus in 3.5 months, twice a week, 3-5 hours each time. My students’ average on the exam was around 93%.

I then came to the US and did a PhD in Business at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. I was an assistant professor at Tulane University and at Penn State University and taught courses about operations, e-commerce, decision-making, and others. Most required math as a tool.

While I was teaching undergraduates and MBAs, I saw their fundamental lack of understanding of basic math concepts. At the same time I got frustrated with my 5 grade daughter’s math education. Significant part of the learning took place at home with me, since she could not use the book to learn at home, and often the lesson in class (due to time constraints and the number of students in class) was not enough to get her to really understand and know the material.

Seeing that, I started writing material for her to learn with. As I was doing it, I understood that my contribution could be much higher at the elementary to high school level compared to the college level, since in college it is too late to radically change students’ math and analysis skills.

Therefore, the books you buy and my tutoring are based on 30 years of experience of teaching math and related subjects at different levels, to all age groups, in different places in the world. They have my passion of making math easy and simple, since I know it is and I am dismayed by how difficult it is made to be. It is why I promise the Ten Promises. I know I can keep them and I want you to benefit from it.


Josephina L.
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I'm an engineer and tried to help my son with math but he was still not doing great. Then we started using your books from the beginning as you said … read more
Jinnie D.
I don't like math and homeschooling my kids on math was a big issue for me, but they don't need me to help them. Actually, I'm learning a lot also, … read more

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