Everything taught about Word Problems is Wrong!!!
I'll stake my money on it!!!


My Promise: if your children (or you) use this book and follow the method completely - they will have no problems with Word Problems.

If they have been programmed with old methods of solving word problems, it might take some time and constant reminders to get them used to the new method I show, but once they do - no more problems

Kids who hated Word Problems learned to love them - because they became the easiest problems!

I have even used it on my college students who have found, to their amazement that they can solve difficult questions in less than 5 minutes! Questions they thought they cannot solve at all. How - by following the method completely without hesitation.

Why Word Problems are considered Difficult?

Word problems are considered the most difficult Math problems to solve for the following reasons:

1. Reading Comprehension: Before you even figure out how to solve a problem, you have to really understand its description, the facts, and what you are supposed to solve for. It is not always easy, because sentences can be complicated and not all problems are well written.

With this book you will learn how to break complicated descriptions to small parts, how to understand those parts, and how to see the relationships between the parts.

2. Translation: You have to translate it to Mathematics. Mathematics is a language, and while it is not difficult to translate to Mathematics, the principles of translation are not really taught in school and students are expected to figure it out by themselves.

With this book you will learn how to systematically translate Word Problems toMathematics in a simple and intuitive way. So simple you will think it is almost stupid.

3. Problem Solving Strategy: This is the least understood, and the least taught (if at all) element of problem solving. It is also the most critical one, because even if you have mastered steps 1 and 2, you can get stuck without a good strategy. The strategy taught in school is WRONG!!!

With this book you will learn a strategy that applies to ALL problems, not just word problems. It is a general strategy to solve any type of problem, not just in Math but also in life. Use this strategy for all the problems you encounter and you will see how powerful it is.

4. Knowledge: If you do not have the “technical” knowledge required for a given problem, you cannot solve it. That is a requirement that cannot be circumvented by having a good strategy, or solution tools. If a problem requires knowledge of addition, you must know addition facts and methods.

Note: This is the only book that is not "self learning" at all ages. It is so for 7th graders and up. However, for lower grades it is a book for parents and teachers to use in order to guide children about solving word problems.



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Jinnie D.
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